Abe's High Vibe Heart Readings

Abe's High Vibe Heart Readings


Please allow 30 days to receive your recorded high vibrational heart reading via email.

I am offering individual readings (limited slots available each month). In these individual energy readings, Abe will connect to your Higher Self, spirit team and heart energy and bring forward information from your heart that pertains to you at this moment. Their goals in these individual heart readings are to:

  • Help bring forward hindrances in your heart that are asking to be brought forward for you to release. By making them known in your awareness through these high vibrational messages, it activates the energy of release in the heart awareness, not necessarily in the conscious mind awareness

  • Help you to open your heart and shift into a higher timeline

  • Transfer energy of high frequency heart activation codes unique to your energy to help you to open your heart, release hindrances, join with your higher timeline and begin to integrate the inner lost knowledge retrieval process

  • Bring forward general key pieces of information from your inner lost knowledge (only for open hearts, not guaranteed for closed hearts)

The role of Jess is to be the messenger. Abe will bring forward information that the person needs to know to clear the heart of open energy of hindrances in the heart to help the person shift into a higher timeline needed to integrate their lost knowledge retrieval process. Joining hearts with Abe (during the reading) not only allows and helps the person to shift into a higher timeline, but get to the place to retrieve inner lost knowledge. Information brought forward is not lost knowledge in the heart, but lost hearts wanting hindered knowledge in hearts to come forward to be released. (Information brought forward is NOT past life information or lost knowledge, but information in current life that is causing hindrances in the heart, preventing open hearts.)

Energy in Abe’s messages are loaded with activations - not lost knowledge activations, but rather, lost heart activations - to help open hearts, join with higher timeline and release hindrances holding you back from retrieving your inner lost knowledge. Hindrances are released not right away for some, right away for others, but more so, in perfect timing for the individual.

What about people with already open hearts or mostly open hearts?

For those with open hearts who would like readings, Abe is able to tap into open hearts and bring forward general information of inner lost knowledge of the individual to get the lost knowledge retrieval process started. This general information brought forward is compared to the summary on the back of a book, but it helps you get the lost knowledge retrieval process started so you can begin to open that book and retrieve all the delicious details and hidden gems that you hold within, and that only you can uncover and bring forward.

Knowledge of general key pieces of lost knowledge brought forward can help light workers distinguish what general light worker mission path they align with. Individuals with open hearts will still receive the high vibrational heart energy activations unique to their hearts, but instead of helping to open hearts, these heart energy activations will help to assist in the opening of lost knowledge retrieval and clarification in your heart regarding your mission on your light worker path.

Abe's High Vibe Heart Readings with Inner Lost Heart Knowledge Retrieval

Readings will be recorded audio and sent straight to your email. For your reading, I will work with the high vibrational energy of AB-RA-OM to connect to your heart energy, Higher Self and/or spirit team to bring forward lost heart knowledge, not from past lives, but from your heart in your current life. Most people’s hearts are not open, so Abe wants to bring forward information and knowledge in your heart that will help you to open your heart and further your lost knowledge retrieval process.

Abe will bring forward blocks you may have and any other general information they sense that you need to know on your journey at this very moment that will help in opening your heart further.

Heart emotions can often times be unrecognized in the person’s consciousness and awareness. The heart emotions can be released when it is made aware of in the person’s consciousness. The heart emotions are released through the recognition and realization of what the heart feels (not necessarily what the human consciously feels). The recognition and realization needs to be made conscious for the emotion to be released, otherwise when it is not realized, it stays buried in the heart.

If your heart is open enough, Abe can bring forward general key pieces of information that you hold in your inner lost knowledge (not guaranteed if your heart is closed). This will help you to get your inner lost knowledge retrieval process started so you can begin to retrieve more knowledge you hold within and gain more clarity on your light worker mission path into 5D New Earth.

Abe also adds, “In (Abe) connecting to the individual’s energy, a gilded heart-opening code is created for the individual. In listening to the message from Abe, the gilded heart-opening code is then integrated in the individual, which then activates the heart-opening process in the individual. This high frequency activation in the heart will help to release blocks, making blocks more so like legos for you to play with and not be so afraid to face and let go of. For individuals with already open hearts or mostly open hearts, this high frequency activation in the heart will help to open the lost knowledge retrieval process and offer more clarification on your mission path as light workers and light holders.”

Rate is $150. Please allow for 30 days to receive your audio recorded reading.

Limited slots available for a limited time.

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