January 2019 | Strong Monthly Energy Reading

Strong monthly energy reading

January 2019

Welcome to 2019, Year of Change. This is the start to monthly energy readings for 2019. Presented in this reading is the Year of Change, finding your inner balance and discovering your inner truth. Be wrapped in unconditional love, truth and balance in January, which will help protect and shield you as you move through the intense year of 2019.

NOTE: If you have ordered a Heart Reading from me via my website, please note that I am a little behind on readings due to travel, spending time with family for the holidays as well as health issues that have been my main focus at the moment. I am slowly getting around to doing readings, but will continue more steadily when I return home in mid-January. If you ordered your reading before December 20, 2018, you should be receiving it by the end of January 2019. Please email me: abeinoneness@gmail.com if you have any questions.