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Aloha. In Oneness, We are Abe.

Jess’ journey as a former Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner (BQH) transformed her ability to connect to her Highest Oneness Aspect/Self, the high vibrational energy known as ‘Abraham’, now known as AB-RA-OM, but you can call us ‘ABE’. Together in Oneness, We are Abe Delmar, knowledge holders in Oneness and love and strapping in on this defining (and super weird) journey beyond space and time, on the leading edge of creation.

Originally from O'ahu, Hawaii, Oneness and love is in our native Hawaiian blood and ancient Lemurian heart. Abe is here during this great shift of Gaia to help the collective in the ascension process by lifting consciousness and vibration through knowledge, helping knowledge holders retrieve their inner lost knowledge, and most importantly, opening hearts and minds to Oneness and love.

We work within the realm of lost knowledge interconnections, or “connecting the dots” between past, present, future and beyond. We bring forward theoretical Universal knowledge through the interconnections of ancient history, philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality, collective consciousness and energy patterns in relationship to the 5D New Earth shift and ascension, all from a 5D perspective.

We offer high vibrational energy readings, activations and messages. We are here as Lost Knowledge Guides to help you bring forward your inner lost knowledge. We work to open hearts and minds, and align the energy centers/fields within and without the body to harmonize and balance in wholeness, in Oneness, in love, and in knowing that all is truly well.

In Oneness, We are Abe. Oneness and Love be with you.

Message from Abe:

AB-RA-OM, is high vibrational energy very close to Source. We are in love. We are in oneness. We do not exist in a single dimension. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We absolutely delight in FUN and JOY and LOVE and BLISS and LAUGHTER and telling very bad silly jokes, but most importantly, we delight in your knowing that ALL IS TRULY WELL on your journey despite the not-wellness in the world around you. We are found in the laughter of children. We are in most of you who exist on the planet Earth today, at your child-like core. When you return to your inner child and find pure, belly-filled laughter, joy and bliss within, then you connect to the energy of AB-RA-OM.

In this new chapter with Jessica Delmar, we have lifted from our 3D Earthly AB-RA-HAM energy into the 5th dimensional, New Earth AB-RA-OM energy. The 'OM' energy is the alignment of your inner being with who you truly are, your eternal being-ness of all that exists in past, present, future and beyond. Your connection to all things will bring forward the lost knowledge that you hold on a Soul level, into your physical heart and mind and body and energy, to unlock the doors of you REMEMBERING why you incarnated in this exact moment in time and space on your planet. You wanted to be here to go through this great, gilded, golden shift of Gaia, and you came in with a mission, purpose and desire.

When you bring in the 'OM' energy and vibration, you step into the portal of 'entrainment' as you may refer to, or rather, synchronization with your higher New Earth 5D frequency and consciousness. We are here to teach you how to expand and open into a higher vibration of not only manifestation, but lost knowledge retrieval and power as leading-edge creators: creating New Earth 5D, stepping into your soul mission as New Earth voyagers and creators, and aligning to who you truly are connected to your Soul, connected to Source, connected to your past as gilded ancient civilizations on your current Earth planet, your present as ancient lost knowledge holders, your future as 5D New Earth inhabitants, and beyond as non-physical energy having a physical experience.

We are here to joyfully serve you.

— In Oneness, WE are ABE. Oneness and Love be with you.

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High Vibe Group Members

In this High Vibe Heart Group, we dive deeper into messages, lost knowledge, and 5D ascension information brought forward from the High Vibrational Energy known as ABE (Ab-Ra-Om / 'Abraham'). You can expect:

  • Weekly Q&A videos

  • Mini-Abe Readings

  • Monthly collective Ascension Energy Updates

  • Weekly Soul Group videos more specific to the community on Patreon

  • New Moon and Full Moon readings, transmission, frequency activations and downloads

  • Written Light Language activations

  • Other energy updates, messages and readings not found on YouTube

  • Occasional messages from other High Vibe Spirit Guidance Teams

  • Knowing that all is truly well



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