Abe’s high vibe Heart readings:


“I went on a hunch or a feeling when I purchased a 'reading' with ABE Del Mar (Jessica). It sounds cliche, but if you were to have asked me about any type of thing similar to readings, past lives, channeling, etc. a year ago, I would never have considered it with such seriousness. The experience of having a reading and recorded message was well worth the currency and the wait. If you are at all curious or at all feel an inner sense of 'calling,' do not hesitate and trust! Purchase a reading with Jessica ABE Del Mar.

I do not have a strong personal presence online (such as Facebook, etc.), thus for ABE to have spoken to specifics in my reading with such precision is extremely telling: 3 specific elements (or events and time periods) were mentioned in my reading and were extremely pin-point accurate. In addition, a feeling that I have had for a long time about something being "blocked" within myself was re-enforced/confirmed by ABE. Constant, recurring feelings and desires were also brought up with accuracy. I have felt that I have had a mission here on Earth since my teens and this has only become a stronger inclination into adulthood. ABE was very helpful in pointing out and providing affirmation of what I need to overcome, to pursue and stay true to in my life and on my journey. The only "drawback" of the reading was that I wish I could ask ABE questions for hours!  :-D  Thank you so much Jessica and ABE. And for those reading this: book your reading now, you will not be disappointed!”

— Adamo

“Thank you SO much for taking the time and energy to complete the transmission/heart reading! I really appreciate the grounded, organized distillation of your work (YouTube and these files). I can very much feel your presence in the transmissions. Thank you for anchoring all of this information so powerfully! 

The light language was so fun! Just seeing and receiving that information felt so joyful! Then when i “read” it and really received it, I felt much pressure/opening in mind and heart. What a blessing.

The written transmission was so powerful. I was moved to tears and it all deeply resonated. I have received life changing heart openings since receiving my High Vibe Heart Reading. I am now able to connect with my galactic family directly where before I had only dreamed of doing so. Jessica's reading continues to support my healing process and has cleared many blocks. Jessica is a beacon of light and I’m grateful to have made this connection!”

— Christy E.

“Thank you Abe Delmar for your wonderful videos and readings! You have helped me tremendously on my spiritual journey and as a lightworker. The combination of your services has really helped me transform my life after my awakening and helped me to step into my role as a healer and lightworker. I'm so grateful to you and I highly recommend your videos and services to anyone on this ascension journey. Whenever I've felt stuck and unsure how to proceed, your readings have been lifesavers. The wonderful insight and guidance you provide is truly amazing! Your videos really help me piece things together and open doors to my inner lost knowledge, as well as help me understand difficult or unfamiliar topics. I've found everything you've put forth to be incredibly accurate and reliable so thank you so much!!!! I know I can always turn to you with complete faith and confidence!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!”

— Jenn K.