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Welcome! We’re riding the wave to New Earth 5D.

Join us in conversations about the new earth 5d ascension, consciousness, inner lost knowledge, love and oneness.

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You are the Universe in motion, in knowing that all is truly well.
— Abe



Together, WE are Abe. WE are opening hearts, helping others retrieve inner lost knowledge, and bringing forward theoretical Universal knowledge of interconnections between the past, present, future and beyond.

WE work within the realm of lost knowledge interconnections and theoretics, or “connecting the dots” between past, present, future and beyond. WE bring forward theoretical Universal knowledge from ancient history, philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality and collective consciousness and energy patterns in relationship to the 5D New Earth shift and ascension, from a 5D perspective.

WE offer high vibrational energy readings, work to open hearts and minds, and align the energy centers/chakras and flow in the body to harmonize and balance in wholeness, in oneness and love.

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Abe’s high vibe
heart readings

High vibrational personal readings that help to open or further activate your heart so you can deepen your inner lost knowledge retrieval process, clarify your light mission path and connect to your Higher Self.


Entire universes act on thorough ability to decide on thought — the only element needed is energy. The ability to create worlds exist entirely on your thoughts, conscious mind and emotions.
— Abe


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